Multiplying strawberry plants

A couple months ago, I planted some of the runners that had sprouted from the strawberry plants. Shortly after, I started my long summer pause from the blog, and so I hadn’t yet shared these pictures with you.

Runners are horizontal stems that sprout from strawberry plants, at some points those steams grow like a small plant as you can see in the picture below.


When planted upon soil, these small plants grow roots and become another strawberry plant.



For some weeks, we had this puzzle of strawberry plants, all connected!

IMG_2385Then, a spot in the middle of the connection between the mother plants and the new plants started to get dry and brown and I guessed it was safe to cut the runners and could rearrange the pots.

More runners have been appearing but I haven’t grown all of them because I couldn’t end up with 20 strawberry plants! However, today I have seen one more runner… so maybe I’ll plant one more!

What has me surprised is that the plants keep flowering and producing strawberries but like one every two weeks or so. Which is very funny because I am like “oh nice, a strawberry!” and I just eat it. I have been meaning to look it up, to know until when the plants are supposed to keep producing but I haven’t yet, I’ll be sure to tell you when I find that out 😉

Have a nice start of September!


PS: Maybe you want to see when I planted them or when we first picked some strawberries!



Mega update on the balcony

A lot of changes have happened in the balcony since the last update. Of course I have shown some of them like when we planted strawberry plants, tomato plants or the first flower sprouting on the peach tree, but as I compared the pictures I have taken today with the ones I posted in February 14th (more than one month ago I know, it’s been too long!!) I couldn’t believe how much everything has grown, and how much greener the balcony looks.



In the foreground there are the strawberry plants and next to them the tomato plants.


Up in the chairs we have first the lettuces, red and green types, then the spinach, and finally a pot with sweet onions (these long green things you see..) and more lettuces.


The peas I have put them on the floor and with some wooden sticks so they can climb… I am going to try to make them climb enough to get to the railing of the terrace.. but so far they are not going very fast.


Here the second section of the terrace, in the tree long pots, first the onions, then the lavender and at the end some more lettuces.


A pot with parsley…


… and a pot with basil.


Next to the glass door to the living room we have the peach tree to see how keep appearing beautiful pink flowers and small bright green leafs.IMG_1554



Also from the living room we can now see the pot of barley I planted on a plastic water bottle (I am very sorry to say the basil on the other water bottle did not make it, I do not know why…) and the mint.


Do you see what a bad look the poor mint has? It was attacked by aphids and started like, dying.. I had  to cut several of the twigs because were dead or so full of aphids I could not take them out… and now I am being as gentle as possible with it and crossing my fingers it gets better and goes back to being the lush green mint it was just a month ago!!



Hope you enjoyed my summary on the edible balcony. Do you have any plants at home? I would love to know about your experiences with gardening and growing!!


PS: Maybe you would like to read my last update on the balcony, or see my plant files….


Credits: Autor and photography Jara Forcadell

Planting strawberries

Last Sunday my mum told me she had seen they had started selling strawberry plants on the garden centre and I have been all week impatient to go. So today I was trilled to get home with five baby plants and the pertinent pots.

According to my research, which I’ll be sharing soon in the form of a plant file, strawberry plants have shallow roots and can live in fairly small pots. After looking all the available containers in the garden centre, just to drive my boyfriend Sergi crazy – “cannot you just choose already” –  I settled for three small round pots and a small window box.


If you are wondering about the canes… they are for the peas, that apparently need some support where they can climb, but that I’ll explain in another post.

I think I am growing into this you know? Today filling the pots and settling the baby plants was quick and easy, whereas the firsts times I was so slow and doubtful. I know this can sound  silly but to me is a great achievement! 


I have been careful on the height of the compost because, they say it’s very important that the pointy red “crown” is right at the limit of the compost, not too high not too low.IMG_1491

In the end I have put three plants on the window box and two on separate small pots so I have a spare small pot. It will be useful when the plants grow to try and make a new plant from one of the run-outs of one plant.


And here I am happy with all my veggies!

Hope you’ve had a nice Saturday too!