Minimalist photo display


Hi there! Don’t you love having pictures hanging around your home? I really do, and sometimes I like walking around the flat just looking at the different photos we have around. Just the  other day as I was doing so I realized that there weren’t many photos of Sergi and me. We do have photos with friends and family but not photos of only us two.

Since our bedroom walls are also quite empty I decided to make something to hung in there. I wanted it to be as minimal as possible, because we like the bedroom to be a relaxing place, and so I came up with this display for the photos with black fabric strips that gives all the prominence to the pictures and it is not very attention-drawing.

First of all you’ll need to choose the pictures, I chose this four shots and then realized that they looked quite good together because all have this green and black colour combination in common, so all the better! You will also need some sort of fabric strips, tape and scissors.


Want to know where those black fabric strips are from? These are those strips that clothing shops use to get the clothes stay on the hangers, I always save them to use them in crafts. Of course if you want to make your display more fun and eye-catching you can also use coloured or patterned fabric strips.

Then decide in which order you will arrange the pictures.


Do this kind of loop that you see on the first picture, so you can hang it on the wall to a nail or with a thumb tack.IMG_1812

Then attach the fabric strip to the rest of the pictures with the tape.




Now  every night I go to sleep with a smile after seeing these pictures hung on the wall next to our bed… 🙂

Hope you liked the craft, have a nice day!!