Look how amazing the lavender is looking… it brightens my day every morning when I see it so colourful and flowery.

Also, it is a treat to the camera so I took the chance do some practise…





Have a nice start to the week 🙂



Mega update on the balcony

A lot of changes have happened in the balcony since the last update. Of course I have shown some of them like when we planted strawberry plants, tomato plants or the first flower sprouting on the peach tree, but as I compared the pictures I have taken today with the ones I posted in February 14th (more than one month ago I know, it’s been too long!!) I couldn’t believe how much everything has grown, and how much greener the balcony looks.



In the foreground there are the strawberry plants and next to them the tomato plants.


Up in the chairs we have first the lettuces, red and green types, then the spinach, and finally a pot with sweet onions (these long green things you see..) and more lettuces.


The peas I have put them on the floor and with some wooden sticks so they can climb… I am going to try to make them climb enough to get to the railing of the terrace.. but so far they are not going very fast.


Here the second section of the terrace, in the tree long pots, first the onions, then the lavender and at the end some more lettuces.


A pot with parsley…


… and a pot with basil.


Next to the glass door to the living room we have the peach tree to see how keep appearing beautiful pink flowers and small bright green leafs.IMG_1554



Also from the living room we can now see the pot of barley I planted on a plastic water bottle (I am very sorry to say the basil on the other water bottle did not make it, I do not know why…) and the mint.


Do you see what a bad look the poor mint has? It was attacked by aphids and started like, dying.. I had  to cut several of the twigs because were dead or so full of aphids I could not take them out… and now I am being as gentle as possible with it and crossing my fingers it gets better and goes back to being the lush green mint it was just a month ago!!



Hope you enjoyed my summary on the edible balcony. Do you have any plants at home? I would love to know about your experiences with gardening and growing!!


PS: Maybe you would like to read my last update on the balcony, or see my plant files….


Credits: Autor and photography Jara Forcadell

Finally… the plant files!

Today I publish my “small encyclopaedia” where I’ll be recording what I learn about gardening and the needs of each plant I have on the balcony.

This will be a dynamic work where I will keep adding information as I go. For each plant I make a brief introduction, I list the things I have learned about how to care for it, I explain the state of my own plant and I will add the links from posts that have to do with it too.

So far I have made a file for spinach, mint and lavender… but I am working on the rest, and I will for sure tell you when I have them. I am publishing it on this post to tell you, but I’ll have it as well explained on a page, that I’ll keep editing it to add the rest of the files.

I hope you like it and that I can be useful for someone who as I have wants to start from scratch in this great edible gardening universe! Obviously, also to anyone else interested, and of course would love your feedback, ideas and advices!

Click on any picture to see the file on the plant 🙂

Sketch215131959 Sketch215131710 Sketch21513455 2

Have a nice start of weekend!