Minimalist photo display


Hi there! Don’t you love having pictures hanging around your home? I really do, and sometimes I like walking around the flat just looking at the different photos we have around. Just the  other day as I was doing so I realized that there weren’t many photos of Sergi and me. We do have photos with friends and family but not photos of only us two.

Since our bedroom walls are also quite empty I decided to make something to hung in there. I wanted it to be as minimal as possible, because we like the bedroom to be a relaxing place, and so I came up with this display for the photos with black fabric strips that gives all the prominence to the pictures and it is not very attention-drawing.

First of all you’ll need to choose the pictures, I chose this four shots and then realized that they looked quite good together because all have this green and black colour combination in common, so all the better! You will also need some sort of fabric strips, tape and scissors.


Want to know where those black fabric strips are from? These are those strips that clothing shops use to get the clothes stay on the hangers, I always save them to use them in crafts. Of course if you want to make your display more fun and eye-catching you can also use coloured or patterned fabric strips.

Then decide in which order you will arrange the pictures.


Do this kind of loop that you see on the first picture, so you can hang it on the wall to a nail or with a thumb tack.IMG_1812

Then attach the fabric strip to the rest of the pictures with the tape.




Now  every night I go to sleep with a smile after seeing these pictures hung on the wall next to our bed… 🙂

Hope you liked the craft, have a nice day!!




A cheerful microwave


In our small apartment the kitchen is also the entry way, and… the living room. As I said, it is indeed a small apartment. This makes the decor of the apartment quite challenging. Everything has to be practical, there is not much space, and since is a rental apartment we cannot do major changes to anything. So, I do what I can to make the kitchen look nicer, like the shelf organizers with recycled paper I explained in a previous post.

One thing that I didn’t like on the kitchen is the microwave. It is on a prominent location in the middle of the kitchen (since there is no other place to put it) where is the first thing you see when entering the flat, and at the same time can be seen from the couch. Well.. if you cannot beat them, join them right? Well in this case, what I would say is… if it has to be in such a prominent position… better make it the landmark of the kitchen!

The idea for this project is from a post of A Beautiful Mess I encountered on Pinterest, where Elsie decorated her washer and drier with electrical tape, it was seeing it and thinking: this is it! BTW… I love their site, if you don’t know them you should check it right now! 😉

So, the project is very easy to do. You just need electrical tape (any colour you want that you can find..) and scissors.

I started with the idea of the dotted pattern, but when I finished the door I thought everything with dots would be too much and decided to try the stripes. Plus, putting stripes was so much quicker than cutting the dots!! The best thing about this project is that electrical tape is very easy to peel off, so you can try without fear and if you do not quite like the end result you can make modifications very easily.

IMG_1687 IMG_1689

I am not very methodical and quite impatient when doing crafts (which means I very often fail at doing them…) so for the stripes I did not make measurements or anything… I just guided myself from sight which is why the stripes are not equally distanced and probably are not exactly parallel to the microwave edges. And as you see the dots aren’t either exactly circular, but I wanted it to look informal and organic 🙂

I hope you like it, I am very happy of the vibe it gives to the kitchen, and that now when entering the apartment I am greeted with such a colourful sight!


PS: Speaking of the kitchen… you should definitely try these oven baked zuchinni filled with goat cheese.

Credits: Autor and photography Jara Forcadell

Basil and parsley on recycled plastic bottles


Hi there!

As you know I have been reading the book “The Edible Balcony” as a guide and inspiration to start my urban vegetable garden. Well, one of the projects in the book consists on using plastic bottles as containers for herbs and features Mike Lieberman a New Yorker that managed to grew a organic vegetable garden on a 90 x 60 cm fire escape using recycled materials. You should check more about him here, he is the proof that no balcony is too small to become an edible garden!

So, recycled, free and simple-to-diy containers! I instantly loved the idea. And since I still had one seedling of basil and one of parsley from the first planting we did I have decided to try it.

Here you can see the steps I have followed:

You’ll need multi-purpose compost, a plastic bottle, scissors, gardening tools and gloves (that’s optional of course) and a seedling or some seeds if the plant you want to grow can be planted outside directly.


First of all cut the upper part of the bottle. I cut it at a height of about 15 cm.


Then cut some drainage holes at the bottom and on the sides close to the bottom. I cut about three on the bottom and four on the sides. Make sure the cut is wide enough for water to get out easily.


The fill the pot with compost almost to the top, leaving about 3 cm to out the seedling.


Cut the bottom of the seedling, let it slide down into the pot and cover the sides carefully with more compost.IMG_1094


And we are done! Easy peasy right?

Of course this can also be done with any other recycled container as long as its made from a  water-proof material. I’ll keep an eye on the kitchen to see if I can find different containers to try.

Have you ever made garden pots from recycled materials? Would love to hear experiences and suggestions!


Upcycled shelf organizers

Having an open kitchen has many good things, for example one can finish preparing dinner while chatting with the guests that are sitting on the couch. But on the other hand, these people sitting in the couch can see the kitchen pantry. That is why I always try to have it as organized as possible and I try to buy nice tin boxes and mason jars to store the food.

And to add some colour to the pantry without spending a cent I have made this upcycled shelf organizers with some cardboard boxes and wrapping paper.


All you will need to do this craft is: IMG_0537

– cardboard boxes: from cereals, cookies, coffee,.. anything

– wrapping paper. I had a lot because last week was my sister’s birthday and I kept the paper we used to wrap their presents. Also you’ll see I did some boxes with brown paper, and that one is from a package we received on-line, so you see any kind of paper will work.

– washi tape: this is optional, only to embellish a bit the organizers of you wrap them in a boring paper.

– scissors, glue, adhesive tape.

First, cut the flaps from the part of the box that is open and that will be the top.


Then draw on the back of the paper the outline of the box as you can see on the picture and cut the wrapping paper leaving flaps on both sides of each and also on the tops. Better be generous on the flaps, and then when glueing it one can cut the excess paper.


First glue the bottom of the box and then the sides, folding the flaps on the sides and also on the top. If some of the flaps are too big, just cut them smaller as you go.



For extra hold, I have put some tape on the ends of the inside folds as you can see here.


And we are done!

Isn’t this paper cute? My mom chose it and I liked it so much, and seems appropriate for the blog right?


As I said I had a lot of wrapping paper, and I had been saving boxes for a while so I did lots of them. You see, you can make many different designs!



The box with the smiley face I have used it to store our cell’s chargers that otherwise are always lying around the living room.


Hope you like the craft!