This cold-weather loving green can be planted in very early spring, fall and winter. Spinach is higher in iron, calcium, and vitamins than most cultivated greens, and one of the best sources of vitamins A, B, and C. It has similar growing conditions than a lettuce but can be eaten both raw in salads when the leaves are young or steamed when the leaves are more mature.

Some care basics are:

– Keep it well watered. I try to do so at least once a day generously with a gentle watering bottle.

– During winter it will benefit from as much sun as possible, but in summer or late spring keep it on the shade to protect it from hot temperatures.

– Harvest the plant by picking individual outer leaves.

– You can plant it on a small or big container, but if it is on a small one better harvest it as baby leaves.

Written on 3 of March 2014:

We have four spinach plants on a small through. We bought them as seedlings at our garden centre at the beginning of February.


I am afraid that we putted them too close because now, less than a month later they are already touching one another but I hope that if we keep harvesting the leaves when they are small the plants won’t grow much bigger and will be okay.


Written on 21 of March:

The plants have grown quite big as you can see, we harvest leaves every now and then for salads and they keep growing back.

IMG_1427 IMG_1418

– “The Edible Balcony” book by Alex Mitchell.
– Own experience


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