Brew it to make a delicious tea, use it to add flavour to your dishes or prepare yourself a mojito! This wonderfully scented herb has so many great uses in the kitchen!
And there are also endless mint varieties: garden mint, spear mint, black pepper mint, chocolate mint…

Written in 17 of February:

I bought a small garden mint this January and transplanted it into a bigger pot. The firsts days I had it outside but it coincided with very windy days and the plant didn’t seem to agree much with it so I brought it inside and as of today it’s still in the living room.


Some things I have learned about the plant and how to care for it are:
– Its a perennial plant and lives up to six years.
– Mint needs a lot of water, one has to make sure that the soil is always humid. I usually water mine once a day. On spring it is also good to add some mineral feed.
– Preferably place it on a partially shady spot, and it can even be in full shade.
– Better to buy a small plant in a garden centre or a supermarket because apparently they are not easy to grow from seed.
– It’s easy to care, even if it dries up it will regrow from the soil.
– Mint can live in most climates, surviving low temperatures down to -15ºC. Apparently if it’s kept outside though it will die down to almost nothing during winter but will resurface in spring.
– An important issue to take into account is that it’s a terrible bully, it will invade any other plant you put it with so better put it alone in its own pot.

– “The Edible Balcony” book by Alex Mitchell.
– own experience.


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