This Mediterranean aromatic plant grows as a semi-shrub and its widely known both for its intense scent and for the beauty of its lilac flowers.

Some care basics are:
– Does not need much watering. Prefers a dry soil that has good drainage, preferably stony.

– Place on a sunny spot. The sunnier the spot the more intense will be the colour of the flowers.

– It’s a perennial plant and can live up to six years.

– It flowers in summer.

– Propagation of the plant can be made by cutting slips of about 10 cm and replanting them. Better to do that either in spring or at the end of summer when the flowering has ended. The new plants will need more watering at first until they put down roots.

This is the lavender plant I have in the balcony. I bought it as a small plant at a garden centre and planted it in a bigger pot. As a growing medium I mixed multi-purpose compost with horticultural sand on a ratio of 4 to 1 approximately. I am waiting for it to completely set on its new pot before cutting some slips and planting them on the sides of the existing plant to make it grow to the sides.


– “The Edible Balcony” book by Alex Mitchell.
– Own experience


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