The fruity balcony


After days of lust-watching the white flowers turn into green strawberries… about five days ago we were able to pick the first one! We were so excited… You should have seen us, sharing ONE small strawberry among two, and then go like “ohh this is so good, so much tastier than the one’s we buy!” because guys…I swear: it was sooo much tastier! 🙂

After the small tasting, the rest of the strawberries did not take much long though and yesterday we were able to pick up this “bunch” you see on the picture. Not a lot, but at least more than one per each of us haha


Tomatoes are taking a little bit longer… and are still looking super green… on the bright side though, there are lots of them, so when they mature we’ll have plenty! 🙂


PS: Wanna see the planting of the tomatoes or the strawberries?


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