Ups and downs in the balcony

As I advanced in my last post, I arrived home from my trip to find some news on the balcony. What do you want first? The good or the bad news? I think I am gonna start with the bad, so we can finish the post with a smile.

One image tells more than a hundred words… and if you remember my struggle to rid the peach tree of the aphids (here you have my first and second post about it) you will imagine my reaction when I saw this…

IMG_1854 IMG_1856

The tree was completely infested with them. And plus, the leaves were all curled and red. I promise you, when I saw this, my soul sunk to my feet. (Over-reactive? me? Please! 😉 )

And then, when I moved to see the rest of the plants I found that many others were affected too! The strawberry bushes, the lettuces, the basil, the mint… I was so pissed of, to have not been able to stop the pest on the tree and therefore having let it spread to all the balcony…


If that was not enough… the peas (which by the way have already produced quite a few peas that we have collected, I’ll tell you about that later… ) have something grey on the leaves and at the same time are drying out in some places.


See the greyish thing? And the yellow dry leaves?IMG_1882

However, after the initial stress, “Oh no.. What am I gonna do? I shouldn’t have started gardening in the first time, this is clearly not for me.. etc..”, I relaxed and started working.

I have already started action on the aphids, and I have been doing research on the greyinsh attack to the peas and hopefully will come up with a solution soon. Of course I’ll share it all here as soon as I can 🙂

We’ll enough bad news, I also found some reasons to smile and clap my hands when I got home last Saturday.

First, the strawberry bushes are sprouting a lot of white flowers.


The tomatoes as well have started flowering.


The basil, which has taken it’s sweet time to grow is finally starting to look like a plant and not a seedling (remember I planted it on yoghurt pots at the end of January?).


And, last but not least, the lavender, which until now hadn’t made any change since we bought it at the garden centre in February has started growing bigger and sprouting lilac beautiful flowers.


Gardening has proved to be much more hard than I expected, I have heard about pests and diseases of plants but you know.. you always think it is not going to happen to you, and plus I though in case it did happen it would be easier to solve… on the other hand though… I never expected it would be so rewarding either!

I guess it’s about practise, and with the time I’ll learn how to tackle all this problems more easily. In the meantime… when the task overwhelms me I’ll try to focus on how nice are the new flowers that are appearing and how sweet will those taste when they become tomatoes and strawberries!

Does your garden or balcony overwhelm you as well sometimes? How do you deal with the pests and diseases on your plants? If you do not have a garden or green balcony yet, I hope this post does not discourage you, as you see there is always a bright side! 😉


Credits: Autor and photography Jara Forcadell


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