Spring onions

Yesterday evening we picked some of the spring onions.

Here I have to make a small note… I have edited this post because I had been naming these onions: “sweet onions”. Until now I had been calling them that because I though this was the correct translation for what is called “cebes tendres” in catalan.. but it turns out that this is called “spring onions”! Thanks to Lizard100 for asking what those were, which made me realize the mistake 😉 

As you see they were literally getting out of the soil already…


I have yet to taste them because I did not feel like eating uncooked onion at dinner, but Sergi had some with his salad and said it tasted really good. 🙂

These onions, that we bought as seedlings, were the first thing we planted on the balcony.

Have a nice day!


PS: Maybe you’ll like to see when we planted tomatoes, or our very first harvest of spinach leaves.

Credits: Autor and photography Jara Forcadell




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