A walk in the sun through Girona


Today we went for lunch at my parent’s. They live at the opposite end of town on top of a small hill. Since it was very sunny we decided to go walking across the city and take the chance to take some pictures on our way…

Our city, Girona, is quite small, about 100.000 inhabitants. It is crossed by 4 rivers, here in the pictures you see one of them, the Onyar.

IMG_1692  IMG_1697

I love the atmosphere in the center on Sunday mornings…







The most beautiful part of the city is the old town, today we have passed a part of it but there is so much more than I show in the pictures… Another day I’ll make a post about the old part and share more pictures with you. In the meantime you can check my Pinterest, I have a board called Girona where I pin pictures from the city I find around the web.

2014-04-13 13.47.50

Lunch with my parents today was a bit special because we ate “la Mona de Pascua”, a kind of cake made entirely with chocolate that is typical to gift to children for Easter. Although we are not children any more my parents still bought one for me, my brother and sister this year… and one about the movie Planes no less!! 🙂   In theory the day to do that I think it’s next Sunday, but well, we are not very traditional and each year we do it the day of Easter holidays that suits us better, so we did it today. It was so cute… and of course, so yummy!!

2014-04-13 16.13.28

Hope you liked the pictures, and if you ever come to visit Girona do not hesitate to tell me, I’ll give you good advice 😉


Credits: Autor and photography Jara Forcadell


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