Good and bad growing issues

Last Friday afternoon I went to water the plants and found the lettuces looking this bad.


At first I didn’t understand what had happened if only a few days ago I was so proud of how good they were looking. Then Sergi said that the night before had rained a bit of moody rain and really we started noticing that all the plants were covered in brown dust. We though, of course the lettuces look like that because they have been all day under the sun covered in this dust! The other plants have more resistant leaves, so they had beared the dust much better.


So I started watering the all the plants, to wash them of the dust. When I got to the lettuces, as I was poking the leaves around and I saw that some of the roots had rotten! So apparently the problem was not only the muddy rain after all…IMG_1654

My hypothesis is: the lettuces have been growing so fast we are not able to eat enough of them to keep them small and lately, as I showed on the last post they are actually bursting from the pot, this has caused that some leaves are stuck under the others, touching the soil and rotting there…

So I decided that the best I could do, and basically the only solution I could think of, was to cut all the dead leaves and take out all the rotten roots. And that I did, it was a bit of a butchery but I kept telling myself it was better to cut some than see all of them rot.


On a more positive note, the mint has recovered from the aphids attack 🙂 if you remember because of the aphids the mint had dies down to almost nothing and I had to cut a lot of branches… but it has recovered and now it looks green lush again!


The tree however has aphids again… but this time I haven’t get so stressed out about it, I have just sprayed it with soap and water… and I’ll keep doing this for a few days and see if l get rid of them for good!IMG_1633

And to end up, another happy picture, the peas plant has sprouted a lot of small white gorgeous flowers to bring some spring spirit to the balcony 🙂IMG_1641

Hope you are having a nice week,


Credits: Autor and photography Jara Forcadell


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