This week…

IMAG0176A company called Sprinz has come up with this new reading method that blew my mind. Apparently it allows you to read faster by showing you each word at the pace you have set and in a position that is ideal to read it… I still am unsure though, I mean, I can see myself using this for reading a report for work or a piece of news from the paper but for a book? Usually when I am reading a book there are paragraphs I read fast and others where I like to linger and read slowly to take all the words in… Still, I found it very innovative!

Have a look at this amazing greenhouse, the roof has a ventilation flap that opens and closes to adjust the temperature inside, it is also totally out of my budget but hey, I can dream!

A table with a small garden in the middle, a beautiful green building, and a gorgeous fiddle leaf fig tree.

The song I just cannot get out of my head these days is Rather Be from Clean Bandith feat Jess Glyne, have you heard it? I don’t get tired of it!

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend… and that you start this new week with energy!



Credits: Autor and photography Jara Forcadell


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