Finally… the plant files!

Today I publish my “small encyclopaedia” where I’ll be recording what I learn about gardening and the needs of each plant I have on the balcony.

This will be a dynamic work where I will keep adding information as I go. For each plant I make a brief introduction, I list the things I have learned about how to care for it, I explain the state of my own plant and I will add the links from posts that have to do with it too.

So far I have made a file for spinach, mint and lavender… but I am working on the rest, and I will for sure tell you when I have them. I am publishing it on this post to tell you, but I’ll have it as well explained on a page, that I’ll keep editing it to add the rest of the files.

I hope you like it and that I can be useful for someone who as I have wants to start from scratch in this great edible gardening universe! Obviously, also to anyone else interested, and of course would love your feedback, ideas and advices!

Click on any picture to see the file on the plant 🙂

Sketch215131959 Sketch215131710 Sketch21513455 2

Have a nice start of weekend!



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