Bugs part II

This has been a hard week for me in the balcony.

Ok, I may be exaggerating a little here, and for sure if you are a seasoned gardener the following post may seem silly to you, and even to a not so seasoned one, all this will sound just like a common little gardening problem to you but I can assure you that to me, it has felt like an ordeal.

As you know last Monday I found the peach tree infested with aphids. I quickly looked up on the internet what could I do and found many options. Since it was the evening I did not have much time so I chose the easiest and quickest one: spraying a soap and water solution.

The next day I checked and the bugs were still there but most f them seemed dead. I tried to take some of them off with tissue paper and sprayed more soap. What I do not like about the soap thing is that, although I have used neutral soap, I am afraid it might have damaged the tree or the sprouting flowers somehow. But I couldn’t do anything else because all days this week I had to leave home very early and come back very late so I had almost no time, and specially no daylight, to dedicate to the tree until Friday.


Yesterday I finally got to spend all afternoon at home and could thoroughly wash all the aphids from the tree, equipped with plastic gloves and tissue paper I managed to take all of them of my poor tree, but not without a cost, because with all the fuss the tree ended up losing two of its sprouting flowers. It seems like nothing but I assure you that for a girl like me, that screams for help at the sight of the tiniest spider, removing the aphids, even with gloves, was a huge step.

To be safe I decided to prepare a garlic brew, another of the solutions proposed on this web page to apply it to the tree and also to the rest of the plants to prevent more aphids from appearing. I minced four garlic gloves and putted them in a pot with boiling water and let it simmer for 45 minutes or so.

And happy I was, thinking “problem solved!!” while boiling the water for the brew, when I  noticed the mint plant was not looking very well. A closer look at the plant and… oh my goodness, more aphids!! And this time… inside the living room!

IMG_1348 IMG_1350 IMG_1353

I had had my share of removing bugs for the day so I just took the mint outside and gave it a fairly hard, I am gonna be honest, very hard, treatment on soap solution, then water, then soap solution again, more water to wash the soap down and finally sprayed the garlic brew all over the plant and left it like that.


For the moment the situation seems to be under control.. today I sprayed everything again with the garlic brew which I am gonna keep doing for the next few days… and I checked the tree for more aphids which thankfully there weren’t.

I am heartedly hoping I won’t have to write a bugs part III… but I guess this is the occupational hazard of gardening and I’ll just have to get used to it!

Hope you had a nicer week than mine! 😉



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