Planting tomatoes

The tomatoes we sown on iogurt pots have grown enough to be transplanted into bigger pots.

This time I chose round pots instead of trugs because I read that tomatoes need deep soil to grow.


I had two small pots, one with three seedlings and one with four. One one hand I wanted to plant the seedlings with some space in between but on the other hand I was afraid that when separating one from the other I would damage the roots… Finally I decided that since I am learning about this growing stuff I could try one thing with each and see which one works better.

IMG_1277 IMG_1291

Another doubt I have is if four plants in one pot are going to be too crowded… I honestly have no idea how big they are gonna get! I guess we’ll see.


Although the weather is being quite mild these days I am not sure the plants are still ready to stand the nights outside when the temperature drops, they look so small yet!! So for the moment we have them on our living room with the mint and we’ll take them outside when they look stronger and the nights are a bit less cold.

Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂



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