This week…


Small lettuces have started to sprout at the sweet onion’s pot. Remember we sown some lettuce seeds on the sweet onion pot at the very beginning? Since they did not appear on the first two weeks, we thought it hadn’t worked, that it was too cold outside for them to grow from seed. But apparently Sergi’s granddad was right, as he said with cold weather it just takes them longer to grow. They look nice sprouting randomly like that don’t you think?

This week I loved this illustration series called Archiset where barcelona-based artist Federico Babina draws the interiors of famous movies, I found specially funny the one from Star Wars.

You should check out this project called Type Rider II, where two poets will ride a tandem bicycle around US writing free poems and building Little Free Libraries to promote poetry and love of reading. Maybe you can help them with the funding, they have only nine days left to achieve their goal!

Do you know Apartment Therapy? It’s a great blog with amazing home tours, many crafts and lots of ideas for the home. For instance I liked this post Gardening Without a Garden: 10 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony

Hope you have a nice week, mine looks like it’s gonna be quite busy!



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