Ski getaway

2014-02-15 10.59.16

This past weekend Sergi and I went on a ski getaway with a couple of friends. We went to Andorra, a small country located in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France. 

Sergi had only skied once and he was a bit reluctant to go because he had to learn from scratch. But thanks to a wonderful teacher (that’s me, of course) he was getting down blue slopes on the first afternoon! For those who are thinking what am I talking about, ski slopes are catalogued according to difficulty as green, blue, red and black where green are the easiest and black the most difficult.

The first day we had quite mild weather, and even some sunny intervals, but on Sunday it didn’t stop snowing for a second! It was beautiful and impressive at the same time, the snow was falling so thickly it was hard to see what was ahead of you and also it was very very cold. We had to stop skiing at midday because we were all four soaked to the bones!

I have to say we are very lucky because we live only three and a half hours drive away from Andorra, and even if we had wanted we have other ski stations closer, at only two hours drive from home.

Have you ever been skiing? Would you like to go?



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