Basil and parsley on recycled plastic bottles


Hi there!

As you know I have been reading the book “The Edible Balcony” as a guide and inspiration to start my urban vegetable garden. Well, one of the projects in the book consists on using plastic bottles as containers for herbs and features Mike Lieberman a New Yorker that managed to grew a organic vegetable garden on a 90 x 60 cm fire escape using recycled materials. You should check more about him here, he is the proof that no balcony is too small to become an edible garden!

So, recycled, free and simple-to-diy containers! I instantly loved the idea. And since I still had one seedling of basil and one of parsley from the first planting we did I have decided to try it.

Here you can see the steps I have followed:

You’ll need multi-purpose compost, a plastic bottle, scissors, gardening tools and gloves (that’s optional of course) and a seedling or some seeds if the plant you want to grow can be planted outside directly.


First of all cut the upper part of the bottle. I cut it at a height of about 15 cm.


Then cut some drainage holes at the bottom and on the sides close to the bottom. I cut about three on the bottom and four on the sides. Make sure the cut is wide enough for water to get out easily.


The fill the pot with compost almost to the top, leaving about 3 cm to out the seedling.


Cut the bottom of the seedling, let it slide down into the pot and cover the sides carefully with more compost.IMG_1094


And we are done! Easy peasy right?

Of course this can also be done with any other recycled container as long as its made from a  water-proof material. I’ll keep an eye on the kitchen to see if I can find different containers to try.

Have you ever made garden pots from recycled materials? Would love to hear experiences and suggestions!



4 thoughts on “Basil and parsley on recycled plastic bottles

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