The balcony

I am very excited about this post because we have soooooo many news to share with you about the balcony! We have planted several new plants but we have been very busy and I could not find the time to share it here until today. So here we go…

We bought a peach tree (you might know this because I shared it on Instagram) it’s a Dixiered variety.


Also, we have planted the seedlings we had grown on yoghurt pots: onions, green and red lettuce (we already shared the planting of two of them here), basil and parsley.

In one of the garden centres that we go they sell seedlings of seasonal vegetables and last time we want we picked four seedlings of spinach, and three of peas.


Finally we bought small plants of mint and lavender and we have transplanted them on bigger pots. Soon we will share more details on how we did this.


The mint we are keeping it inside because we have had very windy days lately and the it didn’t seem to be taking it very well, but since it’s inside it looks great!


These days I have been collecting information about the different plants in order to know how to plant and care them, and I’ll try to do some kind of short file on each of them to share it with you!



As you can see we have such a greener balcony already! 🙂 I am enjoying it so much, and I can’t wait until one of the vegetables is ready to collect and we can eat our first balcony-grown veggie!

Do you have any plants on your balcony or terrace?



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