This week…

IMG_0657 - Copy

I wasn’t very used to drink teas because here in Spain it’s not very typical, it’s more common drinking coffee, but these past years I have discovered how soothing it can be, specially in these cold months, to enjoy a steaming cup of tea. In consequence I have stocked up my kitchen with several varieties so when the other day I found this cute box I thought it would be great to organize them.

Some other things I want to share with you this week…

Wouldn’t you love to live in an apartment like this? This towers, called Bosco Verticale, are currently being built in Milano and are the first vertical forests in the world. What an inspiring solution to increase urban density and at the same time make cities greener.

The song I have been crazily dancing to this week is Happy by Pharell Williams, it cheers me up every time!

Learn how to make good portraits with these tips from instagrammer Wesley Taylor. The ones he makes are incredible, and are made from a mobile phone!

Hope you have an amazing week!



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