Upcycled shelf organizers

Having an open kitchen has many good things, for example one can finish preparing dinner while chatting with the guests that are sitting on the couch. But on the other hand, these people sitting in the couch can see the kitchen pantry. That is why I always try to have it as organized as possible and I try to buy nice tin boxes and mason jars to store the food.

And to add some colour to the pantry without spending a cent I have made this upcycled shelf organizers with some cardboard boxes and wrapping paper.


All you will need to do this craft is: IMG_0537

– cardboard boxes: from cereals, cookies, coffee,.. anything

– wrapping paper. I had a lot because last week was my sister’s birthday and I kept the paper we used to wrap their presents. Also you’ll see I did some boxes with brown paper, and that one is from a package we received on-line, so you see any kind of paper will work.

– washi tape: this is optional, only to embellish a bit the organizers of you wrap them in a boring paper.

– scissors, glue, adhesive tape.

First, cut the flaps from the part of the box that is open and that will be the top.


Then draw on the back of the paper the outline of the box as you can see on the picture and cut the wrapping paper leaving flaps on both sides of each and also on the tops. Better be generous on the flaps, and then when glueing it one can cut the excess paper.


First glue the bottom of the box and then the sides, folding the flaps on the sides and also on the top. If some of the flaps are too big, just cut them smaller as you go.



For extra hold, I have put some tape on the ends of the inside folds as you can see here.


And we are done!

Isn’t this paper cute? My mom chose it and I liked it so much, and seems appropriate for the blog right?


As I said I had a lot of wrapping paper, and I had been saving boxes for a while so I did lots of them. You see, you can make many different designs!



The box with the smiley face I have used it to store our cell’s chargers that otherwise are always lying around the living room.


Hope you like the craft!



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