First lettuce transplanting

As I told you the lettuce seeds we had planted had sprouted and today we have decided that three of the seedlings were ready enough for being transplanted to a pot.


Look at the tools we bought yesterday, aren’t these cute? And we also got a pair of gardening gloves, a bit big for me but very comfy.


For transplanting, first we made a hole on the compost, then we cut the bottom of the yoghurt pot and put it just above the hole and shake it slightly so the seedling lands upwards and without breaking.



I has not worked perfectly, the landing of the second one has been specially messy but we have managed to get the mini lettuces upwards and although as you see in the picture they are a bit spread out I think, and hope, that they will survive.


Since when we have done this was almost the end of the day and the mini lettuces still seem so week and delicate we have not dared to let them outside for the night so they will spend the night on the living room next to the rest of seedlings until tomorrow morning we set them outside on the balcony and see what happens!

Hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to share with you our first salad on balcony grown lettuces! 🙂



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