The lettuces are sprouting!!

This past days we have been taking sooo much care of the seedlings.. watering them carefully and moving them from the living room, where they get sun in the morning to the studio where they get sunlight all the afternoon. So you can imagine how thrilled we were this morning when we have seen that the lettuces have started to sprout!


Here in the picture I have doodle what each pot contains, and you can see how the two red lettuce pots have sprouted, and that the most advanced seedling is one of the green lettuces. Also one of the onion seedlings has very timidly started to appear. This one can hardly be appreciated on the pictures but I promise it is there! 😉



Today we have gone to the garden centre and come home with a a few surprises.. Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it! Have a nice start of weekend!



4 thoughts on “The lettuces are sprouting!!

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