Seedlings on yoghurt pots

The lettuce we sown on the trough hasn’t so far succeed to sprout. Sergi’s granddad has told us that maybe because of the cold it will take a bit longer than it says in the envelope. I don’t know if he truly believes so or he is just trying to give us some hope haha. In any case, as I explained on my last post we wanted to try to sow some lettuce seeds in small pots inside the flat to see if they grow better in here. And since we were at it we have sown a little bit of each of the seeds we had bought.

Supplies that we have used to do this are: yoghurt pots, a piece of cardboard, a plastic bag, a permanent pen and a small knife. Instead of a knife of course scissors would have also worked, and the cardboard and the plastic are because we have wooden floors and I am extra cautious about any water or humidity from the small pots getting on the floor. I also had two small plastic pots and I have used them as well.


First of all we have made several holes on the bottom of the sides of the pots for drainage.


We have sown:

– 2 of lettuce

– 3 of red lettuce

– 2  of basil

– 2 of parsley

– 2 of onions


I have written in each pot what seeds we were going to plant so that we can identify them.


Then we just had to fill the pots with multi-purpose compost, sprinkle the seeds and stir the compost so that the seeds are slightly covered with compost.



We aren’t very sure on how much water the seedlings need so we have been quite generous.. I hope we have not drowned them!


We have put them in the living room near to the window that gets most daylight of the flat.


Now we just have to wait and see them sprout. I’ll keep you updated!! 🙂 Have a nice week!



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