Our first planting

Last Sunday afternoon we did the our first planting! We started with an easy one, first just replanting the sweet onion seedlings that we had bought. And then on the same trough we sowed some lettuce seeds, in particular this ones that you can see in the picture that apparently are special for planting on pots.






So far,  five days later, the status of the pot is, at my understanding, the same. In the seed’s envelope says it takes 6 to 8 days for the lettuces to sprout so I guess this is normal and I just have to be more patient… But anyway I cannot help but check the pot every day just in case!!

All these days we had the pot on the floor but  today we realized, that even if this part of the balcony is facing south, the sun beams don’t quite get to hit the floor so we have put it upon a chair for now. We have a wooden table that my sister-in-law gave us because she did not use it, and we have it folded on a corner. I am thinking on using it, after protecting the wood with a plastic sheet or something, as a support for the plants so that they are higher up and get more sunlight… but on the other hand I am afraid that they get to much wind on there.. so I am still thinking about it.

Tomorrow we will also sow lettuce, the same one, but now in small pots inside home, and put them close to a window to see if it works better than outside. I will tell you how that works 😉

Hopefully pretty soon I’ll also be able to share some pictures of the first lettuce sprouts!!  🙂 Have a nice start of weekend!



4 thoughts on “Our first planting

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