First entry

Hi there!
My name is Jara and I have created this blog to share my quest to turn my balcony into a green edible paradise!
First of all, I must warn you I am a total total rookie not only on growing food, but in gardening in general, in fact.. all I have ever grown in my life has been a lentil in a yoghurt pot in middle school!!
Before starting I have been reading this book that my boyfriend very nicely gave me this Christmas, “The Edible Balcony” which has been great because it explains the basics on how to grow lots of different crops, mixed with incredible pictures and very original ideas!
Also I have been browsing internet, blogs and other pages with general information. I am still quite unsure but, I guess that the best way to learn will be to try it out and see what happens!
So yesterday we went to a garden centre and after looking at everything, asking a hundred questions to the very nice salesman we came home with all this stuff:
multipurpose compost and two medium troughs
a bunch of seeds, which of course won’t plant all of them at once… but I was standing there in front of so many options and I ended up taking quite a few!
and finally three sweet onion seedlings ready to plant! I know maybe this is cheating a little.. but I though it would be good for our morale to have some green on the balcony already to cheer us up while we grow the rest from scratch!
I’ll tell you all about our first planting on the next post!

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